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Hi People at Archive . com

I used to have a couple of web sites on Geocities, and didn't get a chance to save them because at the time of the closure, and all thru last summer, I lost my internet connection due to lack of funds. The cable internet provider in my region (Shaw Cable) charges too much for basic connection (129/ month) . I am on too low an income to afford their rates.

Please, please, please can you help me recover my web pages?

this was my transcribed journals:

this was my art portfolio:

and these were scanned images from my old sketchbooks, which are also lost.

I am greatly sadenned by this loss, and the timing of the Geocities closure when I had no internet connection.

Please Please Please Can someone help me recover the pages I lost.

Thank you

Marie Constance Levert Box 93 Slocan, BC V0G 2C0

1 250 551 2367 (cell) 1 250 355 2923 (home)

About Windows Live Spaces

Hello, I write this post because I recently learned that Microsoft will closing Windows Live Spaces (are blogs basically starting with http://[name of the blog selected by the user] in March 16 to use the WordPress platform instead of the currently used. In this email I get more details on the subject (in Spanish). Not know if there are any active project to rescue some of these blogs but in my case as I can I'm saving some sites that will cease to exist because the author does not post anything in a long time (although in fact there are not many blogs because I never went to visit a lot of these blogs). --Swicher 03:39, 4 March 2011 (UTC)

Update: I'm keeping some blogs with wikipedia:Scrapbook (having an open user session in Windows Live) and LSSaver (are two copies for each site with the respective applications as the LSServer save articles, images and blog comments but I'll just piled everything in a plain HTML file, plus you lose the original name of the embedded images and the Scrapbook more or less maintained the structure of the blog but sometimes I have problems with internal links so that after I will have to decide which backups I keep, if the Scrapbook or LSSaver). If anyone refuses, I will soon make a small tutorial on how to save Windows Live Spaces blog with both applications. Finally, I have not even tried this with WinHTTrack (windows version of wikipedia:HTTrack) or similar programs as the only way to see any blog is having an active session on Windows Live.