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Archiving status Partially saved
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Berlios is a Germany-based open source hosting service provided by the Fraunhofer FOKUS institute, similar to On Sep 30, 2011 they announced to be closing down on Dec. 31, 2011, but is still online as of May 4, 2013.

They claim to be hosting over 4700 open source projects and it's highly doubtful that everyone who has a project there will move it somewhere else before the deadline.

On April 3, 2012, it was announced that projects will be migrated to SourceForge[1].

On November 2013, the site was no longer online.


Archiving Status has been contacted to investigate providing data directly to Hopefully that works.

If not, there will be lots of scraping and downloading.

Projects hosted there

Some of the more popular projects hosted there include

  • avidemux
  • Code::Blocks
  • AMule
  • LinCityNG
  • SuperTux
  • Smb4k

...and more

Status update from

Shutdown announcement email "BerliOS will be closed on 31.12.2011" (webcite mirror)

Frontpage shutdown announcement (webcite mirror)

See here. Who knows if it'll turn out well in the end... There were lots of projects which tried the same but eventually failed. It's still a good idea to have a copy archived somewhere.

BerliOS continues – non-profit association is founded 

Dear BerliOS developers and users, 

Since announcing that Fraunhofer FOKUS is forced to discontinue to operate
BerliOS we have received numerous rescue  proposals. Today, we are pleased
to announce that the BerliOS platform can continue to exist. Still in
November 2011 a non- profit association will be founded, whose aim is the
operation and further development of the BerliOS platform. 

The association shall be operated by volunteers that are interested in a
free platform and whish that important basic functions of BerliOS as a
hosting portal for OSS-projects remain alive. The core of BerliOS
( is not limited and shall be operated by the
association in its present form. 

Become a member of the club, take responsibility for BerliOS and donate
your performance. You'll find all information on the foundation of the
association on the mailing list: 

Fraunhofer FOKUS

Announcement EMail (German/English)

Sehr geehrte BerliOS Entwickler und Anwender,

BerliOS wurde vor 10 Jahren als eines der ersten Repositories in Europa gegründet. Es wurde von Fraunhofer FOKUS entwickelt und gepflegt. Als ein europäisches, nicht proprietäres Projekt verfolgt BerliOS das Ziel, die verschiedenen Open-Source-Akteure zu unterstützen und eine neutrale Vermittlerfunktion zu bieten. 2011 wurden 4710 Projekte auf BerliOS gehosted, mit 50.000 registrierten Nutzern und über 2,6 Millionen Dateien Downloads jeden Monat. Wir sind stolz, dass wir mit BerliOS die Idee eines OSS-Repository nach Europa gebracht haben. Mittlerweile hat sich das Konzept durchgesetzt und es gibt zahlreiche gute Alternativen.

Leider hat ein Forschungsinstitut wie Fraunhofer FOKUS nur wenig Möglichkeiten, langfristig ein Repository wie BerliOS zu betreiben. Ein solches Projekt funktioniert nur, wenn es gelingt, eine Anschlussfinanzierung zu finden, bzw. Sponsoren oder Partner zu gewinnen, die das Repository übernehmen. Das ist im OSS-Bereich ein schwieriges Unterfangen. In einer kürzlich durchgeführten Umfrage haben wir zwar Unterstützung an Geldmitteln und Arbeitsleistung signalisiert bekommen, für die wir uns bedanken. Leider reicht das Ergebnis aber nicht aus, um das Projekt auf eine nachhaltige finanzielle Basis zu stellen. Auch die Suche nach Sponsoren oder Partnern war leider erfolglos.

Open Source wird bei Fraunhofer FOKUS als Paradigma für zukunftsweisenden intelligenten IT-Einsatz verstanden. Es schmerzt uns deshalb um so mehr, dass wir gezwungen sind, den Betrieb von BerliOS zum 31.12.2011 einzustellen.

  • Als Entwickler sollten Sie Ihre BerliOS Projekte in ein anderes Repository exportieren.

Alternativen siehe

  • Auf unserer Website finden Sie einen Leitfaden, wie Sie Ihre Projektdaten aus dem Portal exportieren und in einer anderen Plattform überführen können, siehe

Fraunhofer FOKUS hat nach wie vor ein starkes Engagement für Open Source und Interoperabilität, engagiert sich erfolgreich in zahlreichen OSS-Projekten. Das Institut konzentriert sich auf die Entwicklung von Qualitätsstandards für Open Source Software und dabei insbesondere auf die technische, semantische und organisatorische Interoperabilität zwischen einzelnen Open Source Software Komponenten sowie zwischen Open Source und Closed Source Software. Beispiel für unsere OSS-Aktivitäten ist unter anderem unsere Leitung des deutschen QualiPSo Competence Center.

Wir bedanken uns bei allen, die über die Jahre BerliOS genutzt haben.

Fraunhofer FOKUS

Dear BerliOS developers and users,

BerliOS was founded 10 years ago as one of the first repositories in Europe. It was developed and maintained by Fraunhofer FOKUS. As an European, non-proprietary project BerliOS pursued the goal to support the various open-source players and provide a neutral mediator function. In 2011 over 4710 projects have been hosted on BerliOS, with 50,000 registered users and over 2.6 million file downloads each month. We are proud that with BerliOS we have brought the idea of an OSS repository to Europe. Meanwhile, the concept has prevailed and there are many good alternatives.

Unfortunately, as a research institute Fraunhofer FOKUS has only few opportunities to operate a repository like BerliOS. Such a project will only work with a follow-up financing, or with sponsors or partners taking over the repository. In the field of OSS this is a difficult undertaking. In a recent survey the community indicated some support in funds and manpower which we would like to thank you for. Unfortunately, the result is not enough to put the project on a sustainable financial basis. In addition the search for sponsors or partners was unsuccessful.

Open Source is understood by Fraunhofer FOKUS as a paradigm for future-oriented intelligent use of IT. It hurts us all the more that we are forced to discontinue the hosting for BerliOS by 31.12.2011.

  • As a developer, you should export your BerliOS project into another repository.

Alternatives see

  • On our site you will find a guide on how to get your project data out of the portal and migrate it in a different platform, see

Fraunhofer FOKUS has a strong commitment to open source and interoperability, and is involved in numerous successful OSS projects. The institute focuses on the development of quality standards for open source software and in particular on the technical, semantic and organizational interoperability between open source software components and between open source and closed source software. Example of our OSS activities including our management of the German Competence Center QualiPSo.

We thank all who have used BerliOS over the years.

Fraunhofer FOKUS

Site Organization

An initial investigation reveals that the site is divided up into multiple silos with different but related functionality and purposes, and varying degrees of interconnectedness.


BerliOS-related news announcements.


Directory of companies in Germany providing products, services, training and support for open source technology.


Hosts announcements of new releases for open-source projects, including metadata about the projects themselves, links to webpages, source code and mailing lists, plus a list of previous announcements.

Difficulty: trivial

ScraperWiki: applications scraper announcements scraper and XML output (Alard)


Supposed to be a platform for companies to announce new solutions based on open source technologies. Archive of posts (there were only 12) as of December 6 2011 is here. The file contains the images and text for the posts, but does not render correctly in a web browser. If you cannot get the file, contact me here and ask me to reupload it.


Gone. Only an error page is left.


Web-based calendar of events in the OpenSource community. Archive of events as of December 6 2011 is here. The files are in the iCalendar format, just not with the .ics extension.


A listing of open-source developers, with biographical metadata and search. Archive of profile pages as of December 5 2011 is here. The file was uuencoded so that it could be uploaded to

BerliOS Developer

Hosts open-source projects, providing it's users with management functions such as user roles/permissions, bug tracking, revision control, mailing list administration, binary hosting, etc.

Archival Plan

The revison control repositories, file releases, and mailing lists for all projects can be downloaded using rsync. This will allow us to start now and keep current right up to the end.

Bugs may be archived with ForgePlucker, but we'll need to finish/extend it

Closure has used wget to get the project pages for every known project hosted at This does not include all forum posts, bug reports etc, just the toplevel project pages and random other files wget got. Size: 400 mb compressed.


  1. Claim and download a chunk below.
  2. Get jellydonut
  3. Run: sh jellydonut chunk_NN
  4. This can be interrupted and restarted at any time; it will resume.
  5. If it fails to get something that will be logged in a file named "retry".

Chunk signup sheet

Who is handling which chunks?
chunk IRC name Progress Size
chunk_01a closure N/A 22 gb this is just one mirror of
chunk_01b balrog Uploaded 4 gb
chunk_01c alard Uploaded 16G (c+d+e+f)
chunk_01d alard
chunk_01e alard
chunk_01f alard
chunk_02 dashcloud Uploaded 23G
chunk_03 yipdw Uploaded 26G
chunk_04 underscor Uploaded 99G (4+5+6+7)
chunk_05 underscor
chunk_06 underscor
chunk_07 underscor
chunk_08 Wyatt Uploaded 32G
chunk_09a closure Uploaded 14G
chunk_09b Wyatt Uploaded 4.8G
chunk_09c Coderjoe Uploaded 6.0G
chunk_09d balrog Uploaded 658M
chunk_09e yipdw Uploaded 164M
chunk_10 ersi Uploaded 726M
chunk_11 ersi Uploaded 2.9G
chunk_12 closure Uploaded 1.2G
chunk_13 closure Uploaded

Next steps: Run rsync once more before final shutdown to get last commits, mailing list posts, etc. Send to


Blogs for developers registered on BerliOS Developers.


yipdw is looking into this one by building a list of all BerliOS developer users, and from there figuring out which ones have weblogs.

(Anyone have that list already?)


A wiki for information about open-source software. Here is a file with a script to download the images and the full history of the wiki pages. The script downloads both the English and German wikis. Use ./ to run the script.


A job-board for open-source-related jobs.


Press-release style announcement archive for open-source software. Archive of posts as of December 9 2011 here. If you cannot get the file, contact me here and ask me to reupload it.




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