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Project status Closing
Archiving status In progress...
Project source Unknown
Project tracker Unknown
IRC channel #gnarm

Gna! is a centralized location where software developers can develop, distribute and maintain free (GPL-compatible) software. It is an instance of the Savane code-hosting platform[1].

Hosted data

As of 2017-02 it claimed to have 1458 hosted projects. (Many are probably abandoned and will not be saved by their project admins before shutdown.)

  • Code hosting using CVS, Subversion, and Arch
    • All subversion repos available via anonymous rsync: rsync:// (ref: bottom of every project's svn page e.g. [1]). (In FSFS format, which is supposed to be portable.)
    • Ditto CVS, it looks like: rsync://
    • Arch/tla [2]: rsync://
    • There's also a ViewVC web front-end to browse code.
  • Ticket tracking
    • Up to 4 trackers per project: 'bugs', 'patch', 'task', 'support'
    • Project admins (only) can set up XML export of their own ticket text/metadata ("Export" item on tracker admin menu).
      • Only option for third parties looks like web scraping.
    • There's no supported interface for grabbing issue attachments (such as patches) even for project admins though.
      • Attached files are allocated global increasing integer IDs, e.g. file #29845. It's probably possible to scrape all public files by varying 'bugs' and the ID.
    • Individual tickets can be private. (Maybe files too?)
  • File hosting at
    • Anonymous rsync available at rsync://
  • Project websites on
  • Mailing lists using Mailman
    • Which means public archives are available in mbox format (albeit with email addresses mangled). e.g. [4]
    • Some mailing lists are private.
  • Project metadata: groups, users, news, help topics etc. In a database and probably only available via web scraping.
  • Usage stats at

Shutdown Notice

  • A notice of pending shutdown / request for takeover was first announced in Nov 2016[2] suggesting a time frame of six months
  • A news item about shutdown was posted to the front page 2017-01-31 linking to the above.
  • Exact shutdown timeline is currently (2017-02) unclear.

rsync grab sign-up

All done!

This gets code and file hosting but not other stuff. <180Gibyte, all in.

Please choose --bwlimit wisely (5M?)

What Size No files Who/when
rsync:// ~41 Gibyte ~1m PurpleSym 2017-02-25 (via svnrdump; 18G lzip'd)
mkram 2017-02-26 (via rsync)
rsync:// ~7.5 Gibyte ~200k mkram 2017-02-25
rsync:// ~318 Mibyte ~71k mkram 2017-02-25 (except admindir)
rsync:// ~116 Gibyte ~130k mkram 2017-02-25
rsync:// ~6.4 Gibyte ~177k mkram 2017-02-25 (except "some authentication folder and .bashhistory")

For mkram's rsync grab, breakdown by project and upload schedule at Gna!/projects.