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Livejournal is a blog community started by Brad Fitzpatrick back in 1999. It's changed hands a few times since then and the (huge) userbase has been pretty upset about how the new owners in Russia, SUP, running the show. All the owners have had a potted history of banning people for fairly innocuous things.

Backup Tools

  • Antennapedia (Mac OS X out-of-the-box support, needs Python where missing) - For migrating journal entries from any LJ-style server to any other LJ-style server.
  • ljArchive (Windows only) - A nice interface grabs the info from the servers and presents it in its own customizable templates within the program. Exports to HTML and XML. It's very easy to use and is currently being developed on Sourceforge.
  • LJbook (Currently overloaded) - Web interface exports LJ to a PDF suitable for printing on Lulu or just backing up, with images and other options. Limited use per month for unpaid users.
  • ljdump (Python) slurps everything down into a pile of XML files.
  • can import entire LiveJournals, including comments. Not sure if it's also available in the standalone Wordpress software, or only the hosted service.
  • XJournal (Mac OS X only) can download all entries.
  • LJMirgate (Python) can archive the entire journal, and optionally migrate to another LJ-based site like InsaneJournal or Dreamwidth.
  • ljdump (Python) dumps to HTML, and can output the format expected by the Wordpress LJ import plugin.

Vital Signs

  • Notifications, Purged Accounts, Stats, TxtLJ, Gulf_Aid_Now (Jul. 14, 2010 news:update "One of the benefits of the work we've done to purge suspended accounts is that we will now be able to purge inactive journals and communities too--something you've been requesting for years! A journal is defined as inactive if it has not been logged into for 24 consecutive months. A community is defined as inactive if has not been updated for 24 consecutive months. Once an account is eligible to be purged for inactivity, the owner will be sent an email to alert them of the inactive status. The owner will then have two weeks to log into the journal or post to their community to prevent it from being deleted. If the owner does not log in or post, the account will be delete..."
  • Changes at LJ HQ (Jan. 8, 2009 news:update) "The restructuring is done with an eye to the future to ensure the long-term viability of LiveJournal as a business. As a team, we know that LJ has a great future as it prepares for its second decade." - "We recently invested a considerable amount on all-new server equipment and a facility in Montana to house it all as part of our commitment to the longevity of LJ." - "We will be around for years to come and we're committed to ensuring that your journals, friends pages, and communities will be, too."