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This wiki page is a collection of ideas for Project Valhalla.

<SketchCow> Basically, we have this situation where we have stuff that is being threatened,
and it's huge, and then it's either not so threatened or it's in a weird quantum state.
So, this really stretches the bounds of what IA does. It's a huge amount of data, it's not likely 
to be overly touched if the originals are up, and IA will spend/lose a lot of money pulling it into their infrastructure.
So maybe we can discuss actual, not pie-in-the-sky possibilities of what we can do to have some sort of not-IA pile of storage.


  • Tapes


  • BTSync
  • Consumer Optical Media (BluRay, DVD, etc.)
  • Amazon Glacier
 Amazon Glacier seems like a a great idea, until you realize they mean 1 cent per gigabyte per month. This is $120 per terabyte per year.