Warning Signs

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A mail comes in, or a web page pops up, offering you an amazing deal. Should you take it? Let's find out.

Here's an actual offering from Microsoft:

Back up your files today and avoid headaches tomorrow 1243908635619.png

Here's some warning signs to keep in mind:

  • The image of a safe implying security, dependability and weight that may or may not exist.
  • "Peace of Mind" which translates to "please do not concern yourself with any actual details".
  • Touting "access from anywhere"
  • "For Free" - For free means they really don't have to keep up promises, have no service level agreement with you, and can respond to any major crises with "oops".
  • "Beta" somehow became synonymous with "cool" or "hip" but really means "not totally tested".
  • A smiling happy person (with glasses of course)