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These are some of the volunteers who help maintain different services that form ArchiveTeam.

Service: Admins:
Wiki Admins SketchCow, winr4r, jrwr
Universal Tracker SSH (projects.json)

alard, Smiley, underscor, yipdw, xmc, GLaDOS, chfoo
Universal Tracker web interface alard, GLaDOS, omf_, Smiley, yipdw, underscor, chfoo
Anarchive server GLaDOS, omf_, Smiley
URLTeam Tracker GLaDOS, omf_, Smiley
Github Organization Admins GLaDOS, ivan`, omf_, yipdw, chfoo
ArchiveBot Node yipdw, ivan`, joepie91, m1das, JAA, Igloo, kiska
#NewsGrabber (inc. Dedupe) Igloo
Domain registration ( SketchCow
Fortress of Solitude ( SketchCow
seesaw PyPI joepie91, chfoo
URLTeam 2 arkiver, chfoo, phuzion