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BBC News Social Media
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On 15 July 2020, the BBC announced that they "would close most of [BBC News'] social accounts to focus on core services like @bbcnews, @bbcworld and @bbcbreaking".

Currently the timescale and scope of the purge is unknown. It is believed that this only affects BBC News social media accounts, not other non-News BBC accounts.

List of BBC Twitter Accounts

Twitter Accounts

  • BBCAfrica
  • BBCArabic
  • BBCBreaking
  • BBCNews
  • BBCNewsEnts
  • BBCParliament
  • BBCR1
  • BBCRadio2
  • BBCRadio3
  • BBCRadioCymru
  • BBCRadioLondon
  • BBCRadioScot
  • BBCRadioWales
  • BBCSomali
  • BBCSport
  • BBCSportWales
  • BBCWorld
  • BBCWorld
  • bbc5live
  • bbcalba
  • bbcarabicalerts
  • bbcasiannetwork
  • bbcmundo
  • bbcnewsjapan
  • bbcorkney
  • bbcpersian
  • bbcshetland
  • bbcworldservice
  • cbbc

Facebook Accounts

bbcalba, BBCAsianNetwork, BBCR2, bbcradio1, BBCRadio6Music, bbcradiowales, bbcnews, bbcradioshetland, bbcpersian, bbcradiocymru, BBCR2, bbcgenome, bbcradiocymru2

Instagram Accounts

bbcasiannetwork, bbcradio2, bbcradio1, bbcnews, bbcpersian, bbcradiocymru