Elections/2020 Arkansas House of Representatives elections

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The primary election will be held on 2020 March 03

The list is inspired from https://ballotpedia.org/Arkansas_House_of_Representatives_elections,_2020#Primary_election

District 15

Wayne Willems (Libertarian Party)

(the only one...)

District 21

Jim Reynolds

Marcus Richmond

https://www.facebook.com/Richmond4StateRep https://www.facebook.com/marcus.richmond.731 - simple profile

District 22

Jack Wells

Judy Bowers (Libertarian Party)

(can't find any)

Richard McGrew

Richard Midkiff

District 26

Lorna Nobles

Rick McClure

District 28

Marietta McClure

Tony Furman

District 31

Keith Brooks

RJ Hawk

District 34

Joy C. Springer

Lee Miller

Ryan Davis

District 36

Denise Ennett

Russell Williams III

District 40

David Ray

Karyn Maynard

District 41

Jannie Cotton

Zach Randall

District 53

Bobby Long

Cole Peck

Jon Milligan

(can't find any)

District 58

Brandt Smith

Ken Yarbrough

District 74

Curtis Varnell

Jon S. Eubanks

Shawn Bates

District 77

Stephen Edwards (Libertarian Party)

(...the only one)

District 90

Chris Latimer

Jana Della Rosa

Kendon Underwood

District 91

Delia Haak

Jorge Becker

Scott Richardson

District 94

Adrienne Woods

John Carr

District 100

Kevin Vornheder (Libertarian Party)

Nelda Speaks

Paige Evans