Elections/2020 North Carolina House of Representatives elections

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The primary election will be held on 2020 March 03

The list is inspired from https://ballotpedia.org/North_Carolina_House_of_Representatives_elections,_2020#Primary_candidates


District 3

Steve Tyson

Jim Kohr

Eric Queen

Guy Smith

District 5

Howard Hunter III

Keith Rivers

District 6

Robert Hanig

Rob Rollason

District 9

Jake Hochard

Brian Farkas

District 11

Adrian Travers (Libertarian Party)

District 12

Lenton Brown

Virginia Cox-Daugherty

Deonko Brewer

District 14

George Cleveland

Cindy Edwards

District 15

Phillip Shepard

Mark Price

District 19

James Dawkins Jr.

Marcia Morgan

Charles Miller

David Perry

District 20

Justin LaNasa

Ted Davis, Jr.

District 21

Raymond Smith Jr.

Eugene Pearsall

District 22

Martin Denning

Albert Kirby Jr.

District 23

Abbie Lane (Green Party)

District 24

Jean Farmer-Butterfield

John McNeil

District 25

John Check

Steve Matthews

Nicholas Taylor (Libertarian Party)

District 26

Donna McDowell White

Justin Tate

District 27

Michael Wray

Jerry McDaniel

Kelby Hicks

District 30

Gavin Bell (Libertarian Party)

District 31

Sean Haugh (Libertarian Party)

District 33

Rosa Gill

Antoine Marshall

Sammie Brooks (Libertarian Party)

District 34

Michael Munger (Libertarian Party)

District 35

Fred Von Canon

Alma Peters

Michael Nelson (Libertarian Party)

District 36

Kim Coley

Gil Pagan

Bruce Basson (Libertarian Party)

District 37

Erin Pare

Jeff Moore

Anna Powell

Liam Leaver (Libertarian Party)

District 38

Abraham P. Jones

Quanta Edwards

Richard Haygood (Libertarian Party)

District 41

Guy Meilleur (Libertarian Party)

District 43

Elmer Floyd

Kimberly Hardy

Diane Wheatley

Clarence Goins

District 44

Terry Johnson

William Richardson

District 45

Frances Jackson

Keith Byrd

District 49

Cap Hayes (Libertarian Party)

District 52

Bob Temme

Jamie Boles

District 53

Sally Benson

John Fitzpatrick Sr.

Zach Berly (Libertarian Party)

District 56

Joe Parrish

Verla Insko

District 59

Jon Hardister

Allen Chappell

District 60

Frank Ragsdale

Ryan Blankenship

District 64

Dennis Riddell

Peter McClelland

District 66

Joey Davis

Ben Moss

District 71

Evelyn Terry

Kanika Brown

District 72

Amber Baker

Lashun Huntley

District 75

Elisabeth Motsinger

Gardenia Henley

Donny C. Lambeth

Jacob Baum

District 80

Roger Younts

Sam Watford

Haley Sink

District 82

Aimy Steele

William Pilkington

Kristin Baker

William Hamby Jr.

Parish Moffitt

District 83

Larry G. Pittman

Jay White

District 93

Ray Russell

Turner Doolittle

District 102

Leroy Dean

Jonathan Peebles

Becky Carney

Anthony Forman

District 114

Lyndon Smith (Libertarian Party)

District 117

Josh Remillard

Danae Aicher

Dennis Justice

Timothy Moffitt

District 119

Mike Clampitt

Ron Mau