Elections/2020 North Carolina State Senate elections

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The primary election will be held on 2020 March 03

The list is inspired from https://ballotpedia.org/North_Carolina_State_Senate_elections,_2020#Primary_candidates

District 2

Tim Harris (Libertarian Party)

District 6

Michael Lazzara

Bob Williams

District 7

Billy Strickland

Jim Perry

District 8

Anthony Mascolo (Libertarian Party)

Ethan Bickley (Libertarian Party)

District 11

Albert Pacer

Allen Wellons

Lisa Barnes

Dennis Nielsen

Patrick Harris

District 14

Justin Walczak (Libertarian Party)

District 15

Kat McDonald (Libertarian Party)

District 17

Travis Groo (Libertarian Party)

District 18

Sarah Crawford

Angela Bridgman

Scott McKaig

Larry Norman

Jason Loeback (Libertarian Party)

District 20

Pierce Freelon

Gray Ellis

Natalie Murdock

District 22

Ray Ubinger (Libertarian Party)

District 29

Steven Jarvis

Eddie Gallimore

District 33

Geoffrey Hoy

Tarsha Ellis

District 37

Jeff Scott (Libertarian Party)

District 38

Laura Anthony

Roderick Davis

Mujtaba Mohammed

District 41

Chris Cole (Constitution Party)

District 42

Mark Hollo

H. Dean Proctor

District 48

Cristal Figueroa

Brian Caskey

Najah Underwood

District 49

Ben Scales

Travis Smith

Julie Mayfield

District 50

Kevin Corbin

Sarah Conway

Clifton Ingram Jr. (Libertarian Party)