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Flat World Knowledge

In case I get around to it later, or in case someone else wants to, here are some notes on Flat World Knowledge They use Scribd to serve documents, so the books can be exported to pdf Finding the listing of each text book on the FWK site looks like kind of a drag, but once you have, you can grep each book page to find the Scribd doc IDs:

  • scribd.ipaperID = '########';
  • scribd.ipaperKey = 'key-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

Then load which serves up a nice XML document, from which you can pull out the <social_sharing_url> CDATA.

Finally you can bypass the whole javascript crap and load the pdf direct from (requires Scribd login)

Metadata needs to be grabbed from the FWK site as well, but the markup is ok for author/title/ISBN.

Teaspoon 15:19, 29 April 2011 (UTC)