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Why am I here?

Hey, listen. This is important.

If you are reading this, it means you are receiving requests from URLTeam (provided that no one is spoofing our user agent string). Either we failed to contact you, we didn't want you to know, or you didn't bother listening.

Why are you making so many requests?

We're unshortening URLs. You don't seem to be providing an archive through 301Works or by yourself. We would like an archive so we're doing it ourselves.

You can participate by either contacting 301Works, contacting URLTeam, or by uploading an archive directly onto the Internet Archive.

An archive? That's stupid.

An archive is valuable to your users. When your service goes away (not if, when), the existing links will be broken. This is called link rot.

My service isn't going away.

Sure. What happens when your servers are hacked and you didn't realize that your AWS console wasn't locked down? What happens when you are acquired, you move to a better opportunity, and then the acquiring company shuts your start up down? What happens when your operational costs are too high and you need to shut down your URL shortener?

The internet isn't a toy. You're providing an important service which you and your users don't realize until it no longer works.

No, this is stupid. I don't care about this. My users need analytics and click engagement. So a few links get broken. They don't care about link rot. They don't care about archives. Let the data die. Screw history. Go away. Get off my servers.