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email: guan at yang dot dk

Cleanup crew

Some users have trouble with UTF-8 errors even with the newest version of youtube-dl. Guan will accept missing-hotlist.txt files from anyone and will download any videos that are missing due to such errors.

Please generate a missing-hotlist.txt using the factcheck script, then run the following command:

find videos -type f -name "*.html" -or -name "*.flv" > existing-videos.txt

Then compress the two text files:

bzip2 missing-hotlist.txt
bzip2 existing-videos.txt

Email the files missing-hotlist.txt.bz2 and existing-videos.txt.bz2 to guan at yang dot dk.

If your missing-hotlist has relatively few users (less than a hundred or so), I will download all videos for all of them. If it has many users, I will use your existing-videos list to skip videos that you have already downloaded.