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I'd like to propose a Game Jam Doc Jam. Here's what I'm talking about.

It was inspired by the fiasco with GAME_JAM webshow, and that long, long ago I myself looked into making a programming game show and decided it was a terrible idea, which that entry goes into. But it's not about "let's do that right", or even "the story must get out".

No, instead it was that there was this nice stable of geeky documentary filmmakers I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with, and who I always thought would be a fantastic experience to collaborate with. But what kind of project would it be? Well, this looks like it could be it.

So while there are a number of excellent "game jam" web series and documentaries out there, I'm proposing making a series of episodes, one per filmmaking team, that makes a "game jam documentary" under very "game jam"-like speed approaches, and having this delightful panorama of talent contributing to a general "thing".

I had some specific friends of mine in mind and am pinging them, but I'm opening this up to anyone who wants in - I just want to be able to chat with you first before you get in on it. And meeting more documentary filmmakers is always a pleasure.

THE RULES (Subject to Discussion)

  • You make a film about a "game jam", one happening or one you set up.
  • "Game jam" can be anything from a full on organized event, to one person hacking, to a family making a game together. It's very open. The more weird, the better.
  • Bonus points for making your doc about an aspect or place people generally haven't done, doc-wise.
  • You get up to three days of filming: one before the "jam", one "during", one "after". You don't have to use all three.
  • You do not collaborate with other doc-makers on it that are making their own docs. (Unless you need to borrow equipment/resources, then sure.)
  • The resulting film shouldn't be longer than 30 minutes. It can in fact be very short.
  • We'll put them all up somewhere, with the name "GAMEDOCGAMEJAM: <Your Title of Choice>".

That's it!

Now what?

Questions can be asked of me at I'll update this page with lists of who has signed on.

I'll ask that people sign up for this by April 30th, and get their episodes in by JUNE 1, 2014. That seems relaxed enough for people to get things together.

I've registered GAMEJAMDOCJAM.COM, so this will all have a landing page.