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Afrikan Alliance of Social Democrats

African Security Congress

African Christian Democratic Party

African Congress of Democrats

African Content Movement

African Covenant

African Democratic Change

African Independent Congress

African National Congress

African Renaissance Unity Party

African Transformation Movement

Agang South Africa

Al Jama-ah

Alliance for Transformation for All

Azanian People's Organisation

African People's Convention

Better Residents Association

Black First Land First

Capitalist Party of South Africa

Christian Political Movement

Compatriots of South Africa

Congress of the People (South African political party)

Democratic Alliance

Democratic Liberal Congress

Economic Emancipation Forum

Economic Freedom Fighters

Forum for Service Delivery

Free Democrats

Front National


Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa

Inkatha Freedom Party

International Revelation Congress

Land Party

Minority Front

National Freedom Party

National People’s Ambassadors

National People's Front

Pan Africanist Congress of Azania

Patriotic Alliance

People’s Revolutionary Movement

Power of Africans Unity

Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party

South African Maintenance and Estate Beneficiaries Association

South African National Congress of Traditional Authorities

United Democratic Movement

Freedom Front Plus

Women Forward

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