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* https://archive.org/details/download.cnet.com_1995-1999_20190830000000
* https://archive.org/details/download.cnet.com_1995-1999_20190830000000
* https://archive.org/details/download.cnet.com_2000-2004_20190830000000
* https://archive.org/details/download.cnet.com_2000-2004_20190830000000
* https://archive.org/details/download.cnet.com_2005-2009_20190830000000

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Download.com logo
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URL http://download.cnet.com
Project status Offline
Archiving status Saved!
Project source Unknown
Project tracker Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam (on EFnet)
Project lead Unknown

Download.com is an Internet download directory website launched in 1996 as a part of CNET. Originally, the domain was download.com, which became download.com.com for a while, and is now download.cnet.com. The domain download.com attracted at least 113 million visitors annually by 2008 according to a Compete.com study


User:Kyndigs Archived all the downloadable software dating from 1995-present, this archive was completed in August 2019, it will be uploaded in batches to archive.org, total archive is around 3.8TB, excludes mobile stuff as that is not downloadable.