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And we've been trashing our history

Archive Team is a loose collectives of rogue archivists, programmers, writers and loudmouths dedicated to saving our digital heritage. Since 2009 this variant force of nature has caught wind of shutdowns, shutoffs, mergers, and plain old deletions - and done our best to save the history before it's lost forever. Along the way, we've gotten attention, resistance, press and discussion, but most importantly, we've gotten the message out: IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.

This website is intended to be an offloading point and information depot for a number of archiving projects, all related to saving websites or data that is in danger of being lost. Besides serving as a hub for team-based pulling down and mirroring of data, this site will provide advice on managing your own data and rescuing it from the brink of destruction.

Feel free to join us on the IRC channel! We're on the EFnet network in a channel called #archiveteam, where we say truly awful things.

Archive Team News

November, 2011: Thank you, Archive Team! But our data is in another castle! Splinder.
July 2011: Archiveteam teaches you how to rescue data from Floppy Disks.
May, 2011: Friendster is deleting everything at the end of the month.
May, 2011: Archiveteam keeps it classy at
April, 2011: How about some Google Video?
March, 2011: The 2011 Personal Digital Archiving Conference talks are available.
February, 2011: Let's watch some Yahoo! Video
December, 2010: Archiveteam is Delicious!
October, 2010: Archiveteam offers Geocities as a torrent.
December 23, 2009: Yahoo shut down We got a copy.
October, 2009: Geocities closing is definitely the top of the charts.

What is What

  • Deathwatch is where we keep track of sites that are sickly, dying or dead.
  • Fire Drill is where we keep track of sites that seem fine but a lot depends on them.
  • Projects is to keep track of AT endeavors.
  • Philosophy describes the ideas underpinning our work.

Some Starting Points

  • Software will assist you in regaining control of your data by providing tools for information backup, archiving and distribution.
  • Formats will familiarise you with the various data formats, and how to ensure your files will be readable in the future.
  • Storage Media is about where to get it, what to get, and how to use it.

Quote of the Moment

"[Yahoo!] found the way to destroy the most massive amount of history in the shortest amount of time with absolutely no recourse"

Internet Atrocity! GeoCities' Demise Erases Web History
By Dan Fletcher, TIME Magazine, Monday, Nov. 09, 2009

Archive Team is in no way affiliated with the fine folks at ARCHIVE.ORG Archive Team can always be reached at