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There are some things I'd like to see happen for the Geocities heritage that I won't be able to do myself, but I can help.

- Archiving pages that link to Geocities homesteads, before those disappear too. They might have information about homesteads that were not saved by any archiving projects.

- Asking former community leaders for help.

- Web pages about the Geocities heritage, explaining its historical and cultural significance and what it means to some people.

- Web pages with stories from community leaders and other homesteaders about their life at Geocities, and where they are now.

- Some kind of reconstruction or representation of the flavor, character and spirit of life at Geocities in the time of the neighborhoods and community leaders.

- Indexes and directories of the archives.

- Indexes and directories of surviving fragments of Geocities homesteads, friendships, neighborhoods and community life.

- Indexes and directories of information about Geocities. One example is Blade's list of the neighborhoods and suburbs.

- Homesteader and community leader reunions.