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There are some things I'd like to see happen for the Geocities heritage that I won't be able to do myself, but I can help.

- Archiving pages that link to Geocities homesteads, before those disappear too. They might have information about homesteads that were not saved by any archiving projects.

- Asking former community leaders for help.

- Web pages about the Geocities heritage, explaining its historical and cultural significance and what it means to some people.

- Web pages with stories from community leaders and other homesteaders about their life at Geocities, and where they are now.

- Some kind of reconstruction or representation of the flavor, character and spirit of life at Geocities in the time of the neighborhoods and community leaders.

- Indexes and directories of the archives.

- Indexes and directories of surviving fragments of Geocities homesteads, friendships, neighborhoods and community life.

- Indexes and directories of information about Geocities. One example is Blade's list of the neighborhoods and suburbs.

- Homesteader and community leader reunions.

I'll try to provide examples of those ideas. I've downloaded a few pages that link to Geocities pages, and tracked down one former homesteader. I Googled "EnchantedForest/Tower/" to find pages that link to homesteads in that suburb. I followed some leads I found there to learn more about what was on one of the homesteader's pages, and what she's doing now. I emailed her to find out if she still has a backup of her Geocities pages, or if she has similar pages somewhere else, or if she would agree to be included on some Web pages about where former homesteaders are now.

If anyone can help me automate finding and downloading pages that link to Geocities homesteads, please let me know.

Does anyone have any ideas how to get the word out for people to back up their pages that link to Geocities homesteads, before they remove or update the links?

I'm also planning to write to some community leaders to ask them to help with all this.