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* Blog: [http://archive.fart.website/archivebot/viewer/job/54n8f 54n8f]
* Blog: [http://archive.fart.website/archivebot/viewer/job/54n8f 54n8f]
[[File:Screenshot-vaporwave.me 2015-09-16 18-59-21.png|thumb|right|300px|A screenshot of the [https://web.archive.org/web/20150823222534/http://vaporwave.me/discover/ "Discover new sounds"] page]]
[[File:Screenshot-vaporwave.me 2015-09-16 18-59-21.png|thumb|right|280px|A screenshot of the [https://web.archive.org/web/20150823222534/http://vaporwave.me/discover/ "Discover new sounds"] page]]
== References ==
== References ==

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Vaporwave.me logo
Screenshot-vaporwave.me 2015-09-16 18-55-43.png
URL http://vaporwave.me/
Project status Offline
Archiving status Saved! by ArchiveBot
Project source Unknown
Project tracker Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam (on EFnet)
Project lead Unknown

Vaporwave.me (also known as The Vaporwave Library Project) was a web archive of vaporwave music, videos, and images. The site went on "hiatus" in January 2015,[1] but never returned. In late summer 2015, ownership of the domain name was transferred to Reddit user nanosmusics, who plans to re-launch the website.[2]


The website was saved with ArchiveBot and can be accessed through the Wayback Machine.


A screenshot of the "Discover new sounds" page


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