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Wikipedia is the largest wiki on the planet, with several million articles available in English and several million more in dozens of available languages.

Wikipedia nostalgia, a frozen version of Wikipedia from 2001

For once, a site that recognizes the importance of third-party backups! They have a main downloads page from which you can get XML dumps from individual wikis (Wikimedia Foundation hosts more than 700 wikis: Wikipedias, Wiktionaries, Wikinews, Wikisources, Wikibooks, Wikiquotes, Wikiversities, Wikispecies, Wikimedia Commons).

You can download all the articles of the English Wikipedia (with complete edit history) in an unique file (compressed in 7zip format) from here (ATTENTION: 31 GB! Unpacked it expands up to 5.2 TB. Direct link: pages-meta-history.xml.7z).

There's an old article dump (2008/03/12) up on The Pirate Bay, from the ArchiveTeam TPB account. Also, a dump from 2006 is available.

Some Wikipedia dumps in the Internet Archive.

There is no current public backup for images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons which has about 8 million images uploaded on it's services.

No more Libraries of Alexandria destroyed.
English Wikipedia in August 2010, if printed.

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Stable, but they seriously use a lot of tactics to get donations.

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